Nothing spices up a backyard quite like an outdoor pond. A regular backyard can be transported to a lush, lively getaway that is just a few steps away from your home. They are highly customizable, and there are unlimited options to create a space that is uniquely you. If you have the time, building a pond yourself can be a fun and relatively simple challenge.

Before you start digging up your backyard, grab the items you will need build the pond online or at a home improvement store. Once you have your liner, filter, skimmer, Tsurumi submersible pump, rocks, underlayment, water plants, and waterfall tank, get started by incorporating these easy care features to your pond:

  1. Clear a large area around the entire pond. This is important both while you work on building the pond, and for the consistent up keep of plants, and the pond itself. If you decide to build your pond in the corner of your backyard, or next to a tree or hedge, you will need to get into the water to reach certain parts, such as your Tsurumi submersible pump. Save yourself the trouble (and wet clothes!) by leaving at least a two foot area around the pond.

  2. Extend your liner 12 inches or more beyond your ponds edge. All plants love water, and many look to grow into water if possible. In order to avoid unwanted plants taking over your pond, bring your liner further out and cover it with mulch. This will prevent water seeking roots from taking over your carefully cultivated pond.

  1. Prepare for the future by making your pond easy to empty. In order to easily clean the pond or prepare for winter, slope the floor progressively toward a sump hole. With this set up, you can place your Tsurumi submersible pump in a single location to drain the pond of water.
  1. Put your skimmer in a spot that easy for you to reach. Your skimmer and filters thankfully make your job of taking care of the yard a little easier by collecting debris. They will need to be cleaned out every once and a while. Make it easier for yourself in the long run by making these easy to access.

Armed with your skimmer, Tsurumi submersible pump, liner, and a little bit of knowledge, remember to have fun building your own backyard pond. Be sure to incorporate your personality into the design, and have your whole family pick out things they would like to include in your pond, such as fish, or water plants.